What is Liqubit?

Liqubit is a wealth management platform that opens up Private Equity investments to retail investors, solving the constrains of minimum investment requirement and providing continuous real-time liquidity, by creating a fund that uses novel distributed ledger technology. By aggregating investors’ capital, Liqubit will invest across a diversified portfolio of top tier Private Equity funds.

Why Private Equity?

Private Equity has consistently outperformed public markets in all major regions over the long term, deploying superior returns, lower volatility and providing robustness to market shock events


10 year horizon pooled net IRR, US buyout funds (as of June of Year)

Why Private Equity - US graph

Source: Cambridge Associates


10 year horizon pooled net IRR, US buyout funds (as of June of Year)

Why Private Equity - EU graph

Source: Cambridge Associates

Note: Data in dollars for US funds and in euros for European funds

The challenges

Liqubit Investments

Retail investors have limited investment options

  • Time deposits have no real returns
  • Pension funds are conservative and illiquid
  • Mutual funds are conservative and expensive

Retail investors have no access to Private Equity investments

  • Private Equity funds have high minimum investment requirements
  • Investing in Private Equity needs advanced investment expertise
  • Private Equity funds or fund of funds accept only accredited or professional investors

Private Equity investments are not liquid

  • Private Equity investments are liquidated only through IPOs, M&As or other fund buyouts
  • Private Equity funds are closed-end
  • Capital in Private Equity funds is locked up for at least 10 years or more

What we do

Open up Private Equity investments to any investor

  • Provide access through a Tokenized Open Ended Fund
  • Use Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Issue Security Tokens (asset backed)

Eliminate Minimum Investment Requirement

  • Aggregate investors’ capital to create large investment positions

Offer Higher returns and Lower volatility

  • By investing across a diversified portfolio of top tier PE funds

Offer real-time continuous Liquidity

  • Allow any investor to liquidate existing tokens or purchase newly issued ones through a smart contract which algorithmically offers a price such that there is always liquidity without the need for intermediaries or buyer-seller match
  • In addition, existing tokens will be tradable in market exchanges
Liqubit Investments

The Founding Team

Nikolas<br />Stefanou



Carlos<br />Gimeno



Achilleas<br />Kotsis



George<br />Kountouris


VP Sales

Sonia<br />Gimeno


Fund Managers Relations

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George Kountouris

VP Sales

Has covered executive roles in the IT and Telecom industry in Greece, SE Europe and ME. He has worked for Olivetti (Country Manager), 3Com (Regional Country Manager), Microsoft (Sales Director), Avaya (Regional Managing Director), Singular Logic (GM), Extreme Networks (Regional Country Manager). Lastly, he was a founding partner of Click Delivery, a great success story in Greece. George holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan.

Sonia Gimeno

Fund Managers Relations

Brings over 17 years of experience in business management with specific expertise focused on finance and investment analysis. Sonia started her career in Investment Banking at UBS in London. Since then she has worked in London, Paris and Madrid in financial and management roles in various entrepreneurial settings. Since 2013, as a business consultant, advising and supporting Private Equity, real estate funds and startups in their fundraising and investment activities. Sonia holds an MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business.

Achilleas Kotsis


Over 14 years of experience in solution design, implementation and management of complex ICT projects. He was founder and CEO of eXponentTechnologies, developing embedded routing devices running Linux. In 2009, he co-founded Click Delivery and worked as COO and CTO till 2016. He managed a team of 5 developers and 10 back office support agents and was responsible for developing the front and back end of the company’s website and mobile apps as well as complex web services to connect 500k active customers with 10k live restaurants.

Carlos Gimeno


More than 12 years of experience in Corporate Finance and Private Equity Investments. During the last 7 years, Carlos worked as an Investment Director in Altamar Private Equity (Fund of Funds with $5bn of AUM in global Private Equity), analyzing PE funds, executing equity co-investments and pricing direct secondary deals. Carlos was also responsible for monitoring and tracking portfolios for risk management, investment selection and collaboration with the Business Development team in identifying new investment products. Carlos started his career in the investment banking division of Alantra in Madrid advising corporations in M&A transactions. Carlos holds an MBA from Chicago Booth School of Business and BSc in Business Studies from CUNEF.

Nikolas Stefanou


Extensive entrepreneurial experience. In 2009, he co-founded Clickdelivery.gr, an internet dual sided platform start-up and worked as CEO till 2016. In 2013, attracted Investors and raised 3M EUR, expanded operations all over Greece & Cyprus and grew the company to 40 people personnel, achieved 300-370% monthly YoY Sales growth rates shortly after funding and sustained them for over a year and a half till 2015 when he accomplished an acquisition by Delivery Hero with an overwhelming revenue multiple. Nikolas holds a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA with honors from Chicago Booth School of Business.